Patterns: Here we go...

As a creative, I am continually looking for inspiration and new projects. Yes, I have plenty of ideas that I need to work on, but there are just times when I don't feel like working on them. There are times when I have a small window of time to either work in the studio or watch bad TV... lately, I have been choosing the latter. For me, I work better with deadlines or within parameters. I have been trying to think of a project that I can do daily that will help motivate me. It can be quick or something that I spend a lot of time creating. A "one a day" project is not a new concept, but it is one that helps me stay focused and feel good about being creative. So, without specifying the number of days, I am going to try my hardest to create a pattern a day. I will not limit myself to digital or hand drawn. I have two recent posts showing patterns I've worked on since they have been of interest lately, so here we go.  

The patterns below are an exploration of several different patterns. I used an ink pen, which is my go-to tool.

Pattern Exploration